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2011-05-21 22:56:10 by Idocreating

He's just a fourth wheel! Can do missions with him dead! IT's even easier when he's a dirt on the floor! :D





2010-06-30 07:27:05 by Idocreating

It's my sister's birthday and i've yet to get her a card. And i've pulled an all nighter using diet cherry coke.

Jittery as fuck atm.

New Pootah!

2010-06-20 11:36:34 by Idocreating

Uni's over and i finally have a computer that's not a total pile of shit!

Going from a dinky 15 inch standard monitor to a 24 inch widescreen HD one is like hitting the iMax. Eyes bleeding.

Recent activities

2009-10-14 02:18:46 by Idocreating

May as well fill in NG on what I've been up to, not that many of you lot will come across this page. Although if you do then you've won a fabulous lottery to receive 1 million dollars, just send me the 20 dollar admin fee and the money will be dumped in your bank account!

First off, i've been catching up on the old kids gameshow, Knightmare. Basically it's like Dungeons and Dragons crossed with a point and click adventure game with the worst controls imaginable. And it is awesome.

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Secondly, I've discovered another music artist that would be hard to explain to people.

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Other than that i've been settling into University life and trying to do it right this year.

Hospital Waiting Rooms

2009-08-17 05:58:10 by Idocreating

They gotta be one of the most deeply unpleasant places to be on your own.

My nan went in to hospital as her body was acting up, I was asked (told) to accompany her, make sure she had someone to talk to, not that i did that great a job. 11 minutes after we get there she goes into the clinic and i sit and wait until someone tells me i can see her.

And wait. And wait.

One of those nurses said they'd tell me when i could see her. I sat there for at least an hour having a mini breakdown, wondering why the hell no-one had come to tell me i could see her, then fretting about whether my nan was ok and then shouting at myself that she was fine. After an hour of putting myself through that i ask the receptionist if i can go see her. Turns out i can.

Also turns out she'd been in a bed for a while, she'd asked the staff at least 5 times to tell me i could come see her. Thankfully she's doing ok now, her pancreatitis has come back and she looked like she was in some pain. I have a really pooor bedside manner, i just can't keep a smiling cheery attitude when someone i care about is in that kind of condition.

Thankfully i got through to one of my aunts and she arrived with a brilliant opener "You been on the booze again? What are we gonna do with you!" I don't know how my nan felt, but it shattered that uncomfortable air I'd let develop.

In short, I've got a shitty bedside manner and don't ever want to be alone in a Hospital waiting room ever again. The mind can freak out something bad.

London Meet Thoughts

2009-08-11 07:52:55 by Idocreating

Because the forum thread just isn't quite the place for a huge silly ramble.

liljim - Basically a tiny 1/8th scale Dave Gorman with programming knowledge. Shed light on a few Newgrounds related things i poked him about. The tube service in Philly really is as bad as Tom makes it out to be. If you've suggested something to improve the site, chances are high that he's heard it more than once already, he can do only so much in a day and he earns "What you'd expect someone in that position to" (Cryptic git! He really earns £50k NG store credit a month!).

Williwowza - Has a nice house, lots of games and a crap bed. Thanks for letting stay over at your place and not raping me!

Coop83 - Sporting god. Beat the shit out of us all at Bowling and was brilliant at Football. I blame it on his Gym Teacher-like clothes. The first Newgrounder I'd pick to be on my team at school, then he'd mope about having to be on my team because I suck at sport :)

Wonchop - Didn't actually sound like he does in his animations until we got to Hyde Park (wierd). Was nice chatting with him about stuff, and hopefully i didn't come across as a huge fanboy considing I do love a lot of his work.

Hans Van Harken - NEVER STOPPED LOVING ME! Well I'd thought for a while that Hans had gotten sucked into the E-famous crowd. That he was too good for us little people. That he was really an egotistical twat. The truth? He forgot to tell some of the people on his MSN he'd changed his Email address and I'd been too inept to discover this fact. Had some nice discussions about stuff and he hitched a ride in my dodgem and we rammed Luis. A lot.

Luis - Nice guy to talk to, shame i didn't speak to him all that much. Picked on him a wee bit on dodgems, must've T-boned into him about 5 times. HUR HUR GUYS! I LIKE TO BONE LUIS.

BananaBreadMuffin - Is basically as swish as he is online.

Bezman - Looked like a 70's porn star and dances pretty damn well. Had a fancy camera and was really chilled and friendly despite being mugged before the meet. Was nice meeting ya Bez and if the 70's look comes back in fashion I'll know who the trendsetter was!

University Shizz done!

2009-08-07 14:59:55 by Idocreating

Accomodation letter sent back to Bolton, Student Finance done. I can safely assume I'll be going back onto the Games Software Development course.

Now to spend all summer begging another tutor to let me switch to HIS course. Whoopee.

Also, I'll see you all at the London meet tomorrow.

Slacking Shizz

2009-07-30 12:59:47 by Idocreating

First off, when your 22 years old, being called up for Jury Duty is like being called to come on the Price is Right. My brother is oddly enthusiastic about going, if only to get a guilty verdict.

And secondly, Daymn this guy is good. Youtube, for all the crap it attracts, does have it's gems and this guy is freaking brilliant at what he does.

Uni shizz.

2009-07-30 05:59:35 by Idocreating

Just a few days to sort out my reapplication for University, and i've got to figure out how to convince a tutor to let me switch to his course despite doing a fuck shite job of the course i was on last year.

I've a strong urge to take up some voice acting, I've got a headset that i bought for about £30 a few years ago and i've been wondering how the quality fairs up.